The Magic Basket

The Magic Basket Catering Co. is devoted to bringing its customers fresh, healthy and sustainable food products. Catering for outside events, Children's parties and providing picnic and gift hampers of the highest quality. The Magic Basket Catering Co. pride themselves on being able to cater for any and all dietary requirements without compromise.


The Magic Basket Catering Co.





Type of Work

Outside Catering


Gift Hampers

Tasked with creating a logo and brand identity for The Magic Basket Catering Co. I first provided the client with a design brief to complete. From the details given it was clear to see the client had a distinct style that they favoured.

The aim was to create a bright, colourful logo that incorporated fruit and vegetables bulging from a "magic basket." Once this was created the next challenge was to find a way to make the logo responsive due to its high detail. To allow the logo to work in various situations I created a secondary version with the typeface circled around the basket.

This would allow the logo to be used for items such as stickers and social media profile images without having to over reduce it.

I also created a repeating brand pattern from the typography including a "magic star" which could be used to create branded packaging to be used with the hampers.