Nature is Golden, inspired by the natural world want to create stunning focal points in peoples homes by creating unique, hand crafted stone castings of fruit with a continuous nod to nature and the natural world around us.


Nature is Golden




Interior Decor

Type of Work

Stone Casting

After discussing this project with the client it was clear to see their vision and direction they wanted to take their new business. The Inspiration for the business was brought about through a very personal back story and the love of nature.

Through this I chose to keep a very rustic hand drawn feel to the logo, following the personal touch and the hand craftsmanship that goes in to the unique stone castings.

I As the stone castings revolve around fruit we decided to incorporate this in to the logo design in the way of a pear by using negative space inside an imperfect shape which keeps in mind the hand created element.


The colour palette has a nod to nature as well by including green, blue and brown.